Being Diabetic Changes Your Life

When my doctor said, "You are a type 2 diabetic" I thought my life was over. Because my father died from its complications near his 55th birthday, and his mother died at 47, I knew I had received a death sentence. I was 49.

What did I know about this disease? The extent of my knowledge of what my dad called "sugar diabetes" came from his constant struggle with diets.

My mother and the doctors tried to help, but what I remember most is how they used fear to get him to change.

In the end, Dad was not defeated by type 2 diabetes. He caught hepatitis B, something no one could have predicted.

That's How Fast Life Changes

As type 2 diabetics, we're told that we can reverse our condition. They say to follow a strict diet and exercise for weight loss.

We've heard success stories of people doing that. A good diet and exercise does wonders.

But real change has been very difficult. And I've learned that the only changes that make a difference are the ones you hold onto for the rest of your life.

All the mistakes I've made came from looking for something to fix type 2 diabetes so I could get back my old life. I did not see that my old life helped me to become a type 2 diabetic. That was what needed to change.

How Do You Live With Diabetes?

If you are like me, your journey is going to have bumps and detours, some easy and some difficult. And if you understand diabetes symptoms, what causes them, and ways to deal with them, the road will be smoother.

Taking insulin, testing blood sugar several times a day, and making myself exercise - it's all part of my new life. In the search for better ways to deal with diabetes, I've learned a lot and it's all here.

You can benefit from fresh information about type 2 diabetic diets and about getting affordable medications and supplies that is found here. I'm scouring the news for more, and it will be available to you.

You'll find the importance of snacks and eating smaller meals several times a day, and why it helps to manage your diabetes. You'll see ways to make menus better.

Looking at the glycemic index that was developed for diabetics may aid you in the process of deciding what to eat.

On these pages you will find the complications of diabetes spelled out, and you'll see how to avoid them. If you recognize foot problems before they are serious, and you save your feet, this site will have done its job.

The Most Important Thing

What's the greatest thing this site would like to give to you?

To help you see that this is not the end of your life. Someone said, "If you live like your life is over, it is."

You can still have long-term goals that have nothing to do with diabetes.

You can create something and see it through.

For me that's the real secret of living with this disease. Type 2 diabetes is not who you are. It is not your life.

symbol for a diabetic life

What Trees Have to Do With a Type 2 Diabetic

A tree spends its life giving out oxygen no matter what it goes through, whether it is old age, storms or disease.

Every broken limb, scar and knothole tells each tree's unique story.

That is why you see trees on the pages of this website.

They are here to remind you and me that type 2 diabetes changes us but it is not who we are. We can keep on doing what we were made for.

How to Use This Site

Getting around on a website with lots of pages can be confusing. That's why I've included mini site maps on my main pages.

The main pages can be reached by using the buttons on the left side of every page. Scroll to the bottom of each main page to find a mini site map for all the pages under that subject.

If you get lost, use the tree picture to go back to my home page. Then use the buttons to find each little site map, and you'll see what you were looking for. If you have a question, please use the contact us button, and I will answer.

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