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Bread for diabetes is your place to find older diabetic bread posts.

Daily encouragement is an absolute necessity to me, and I hope these bits of bread encourage you as well.

They come out of my journey with type 2 diabetes and the struggles of dealing with this chronic condition day in and day out.

November 11

Holidays, feasts and family can mean you lose tight control of your glucose levels.

This bread for diabetes is a word of encouragement if you are an older type 2 diabetic.

Geriatric doctors, whose patients are over 60, say it is okay to have an average blood sugar in the 120-150 range, or an A1C of 7.0 to 7.5.

When we use medication to try to get our A1C closer to the normal range for a non-diabetic, we are more likely to have sudden low blood sugars.

The more of those lows we have, the more dangerous they are. Why?

You can become less sensitive to lows. Some older diabetics  have no warning signs at all until they slip into diabetic shock.

So I encourage you grandmas and grandpas to resist the urge to over-react if your blood sugar is a little higher than normal. Do not let sudden low blood sugar spoil your holidays.

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November 10

Thanksgiving is coming, so the bread for diabetes today is a thankfulness list.

For me, family is close to the top, because they are the best friends I have.

You are very blessed if you have family who are also friends. They know who you are. They show up for you when you need them.

Turned around, this means good friends are the best family you can have. They are worth their weight in gold. So hold your family/friends close this holiday season.

Keep your friendships strong, and your friends will keep you strong. Diabetes is not something you need to face alone.

Besides, you have things your friends do not have, things only you can give. They can be thankful for you too.

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November 8

Since it is national Diabetes Month, here is something you can do to be a part of it. Talk to everyone in your family about diabetes. Some relatives may not know you are diabetic.

Most of us do not like to share this because of the stigma, the shame attached to the diagnosis. But the bread for diabetes encourages you to tell them anyway.

Why? Because type 2 diabetes is a genetically linked disease, and so is type 1.

Researchers proved this when they studied identical twins and found that the genetic risk for type 2 diabetes was 75%. For type 1 it was 50%.

Encourage your family members to ask their doctors for a fasting blood sugar test. One quick finger stick is all it takes.

If they are over 45 the chance they have developed type 2 diabetes is high, and diabetes is sneaky.

Catching prediabetes so they can make changes to prevent type 2 is a great gift. You have it in your power to give that to your family. This is the season for giving.

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November 7

I am thankful for the word "today."

Whether yesterday is full of regret and pain or success and happiness, it is over and done. There is no way to change the past.

Tomorrow is a huge question mark. Nothing can be done tomorrow.

But we have today. In the next few hours we have a chance. We opened our eyes this morning to a new day with no mistakes in it.

So your bread for diabetes right now is to make this a good day, a day for making decisions and sticking to them.

Today is such a beautiful word, full of hope and possibilities.

The writer of the book of Hebrews said it like this: "Encourage each other daily while it is still called today..."

I encourage you to do today what you dreamed of last night, what you wish you had done yesterday. You have the gift of today. Use it well.

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November 6

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. For a type 2 diabetic who loves holiday food this time of year is more than just a challenge.

My bread for diabetes right now is this: make a plan. Do not wander into this delicious minefield unarmed.

I love pumpkin pie, so I will eat a piece. Knowing this ahead of time, I can add the calories into a Myfitnesspal journal.

There will be no morning-after guilt this year. While everyone else is nibbling on treats, I will grab the protein snacks and sugar free cookies I prepared for the occasion.

But most of all, I will set my heart to enjoy the people who surround me on these beautiful holidays. Type 2 diabetes will not darken the holiday season with guilt or regret.

If I fall, I will get back up. I hope you will too.

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November 4

As Thanksgiving comes nearer, I think more about gratitude. Having a grateful heart is great medicine for type 2 diabetes.

In fact, it is great medicine for everything. The bread for diabetes of being thankful cures you on the inside.

Your heartbeat improves, blood vessels open, and your immune system is stronger.

But it shows on the outside, too. A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, which means you will look younger.

We need more of this kind of medicine today. The secret is to actively search for things to be grateful for. This is a great time of year to do it.

Think of a new reason for gratitude today. Then use my contact page and share what you thought of.

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October 31

I am not a fighter. That is why type 2 diabetes took over my life 14 years ago.

A fighter would have loved the challenge and risen to meet it by changing her diet and adding in activity. I just wanted the disease to go away.

My bread for diabetes today is to encourage you to fight. Once you come to grips with the fact that you have type 2 diabetes you can make the changes you need.

You will reap benefits in your health, because this condition improves when you eat a more healthy diet. You will feel better because you are more active.

Even if you are not a fighter, you can learn how to take your life back. No matter how long you live after your diagnosis, those years can be good ones.

Diabetes is not a death sentence. It is not about whether we will die (everyone does) but how we choose to live.

We may not be fighters, but we can choose to fight.

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October 30

I just got back from another three-month checkup.

I wish I could just skip doctor appointments and blood tests. My blood pressure is always higher in the doctor's office, proof of how much those visits bother me.

After fifty plus doctor visits over the last decade, I suppose I should no longer dread them. But I still do.

Today's bread for diabetes is to remind all of us who hate doctor visits that three-month checkups and blood tests stand between us and the sneaky complications of type 2 diabetes.

So thanks, doctor, for sending me to the blood lab - again. Liver and kidney problems will not sneak in because blood tests will catch them early.

A lot can happen in three months or even three days, so take care of your diabetic chores, my friend. And remember, if you wish you did not have to do them, you are not alone.

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October 29

Sometimes I am an idiot.

When I added an e-book to this website, I thought Amazon was offering it free to borrow through their Prime program. Then I read the small print.

The program lets you borrow books free, yes, but you have to join Amazon Prime, and that is not free.

The bread for diabetes I am eating today is the reminder that anything we are offered free comes with something attached. After years of falling for diabetes "cures" and supplement promises I should know better.

Have you fallen for false promises too? I would love to hear your story.

Meanwhile I will try to be more careful. When I hear what I want to hear, I jump in with both feet. Living with diabetes has not cured me of that.

There is a reason we have type 2 diabetes, not as a consequence of choices or a natural result of genetics. It is an opportunity to see ourselves more clearly.

So I am looking at why I fall for shortcuts and easy answers instead of remembering this. "The best way out is always through." (Robert Frost)

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October 28

The pain in my left hand today reminds me that diabetes can cause paresthesias that come and go, it seems for no reason at all.

But there is always a reason. That is my bread for diabetes today. We do not have to live with the pain that comes with diabetes.

Sometimes the answer to why we have pain is something we can fix. It could mean our thyroid is high or low.

It could also mean we are low on iron, or our blood sugar has been running high.

This is why those three-month visits to our doctor are important. We need the blood tests they ask for too.

The reason why we have pain today could be low vitamin D. The remedy for that is as simple as a dose of sunshine.

I hope you do not just decide to live with pain that does not leave after a day or two. It might be more than diabetic neuropathy.

This is to encourage you to talk to your doctor if the pain does not go away.

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October 27

Today I am thinking about those who were told they have type 2 diabetes but may have been misdiagnosed.

It is said that 20% of diagnosed type 2 diabetics have adult onset type 1 diabetes. That is one in five. This bread for diabetes is to encourage you to find out if you are one of them.

Why is this important to you? Because insulin is the only thing that will help you. All of the pills given for type 2 diabetes assume you have a working pancreas.

In adult onset type 1, the beta cells in your pancreas are being destroyed by your own T cells. Because it takes a long time for all of your beta cells to die, you can look like you have type 2.

But you need to be on insulin from the beginning, sooner rather than later. If you are not obese, and oral medications are not helping, talk to your doctor about this.

There are blood tests that clear things up so you can get on insulin. It could save you from serious consequences.

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October 25

There are all kinds of bravery. Here is one.

On "The X Factor" a man who once weighed over 900 pounds was wheeled onto the stage by his wife (he was too obese to walk), so he could sing in front of a huge crowd.

Four show people held their fingers over the X buttons that could humiliate him. The man sang, won over the crowd and got a promise from Simon Cowell that if he would fight to change, this media giant would stand behind him.

He has a lot of work to do and a long road ahead, but if he loses enough weight and is able to stand on his feet, there is a future for him in the music industry.

Why do I think this is good bread for diabetes? Because we all have dreams, things we hope for. We cannot let diabetes or obesity or anything else make us give up on them.

Someone said that failure is not the falling down but the staying down. Type 2 diabetes is not a reason for failing but we can make it a reason for not trying.

I believe that because your gift is real, you can do the things you dream of. But you must be brave enough to try and keep trying. This is my bread today, and it is for you too if you want it.

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October 24

Low blood sugars are the scariest part of type 2 diabetes for me. We go for years with glucose levels that are too high without knowing it.

But the instant even mild diabetic shock hits, it sends out red flags like trembling, anxiety and a pounding heartbeat.

My bread for diabetes today is this - never ignore those symptoms or put off doing something about them.

I have been told it is a blessing to be aware of low blood sugar. One of the worst things about growing old with diabetes is that our bodies may stop sending those red flags.

But knowing I should be grateful does not help when I wake in the middle of the night with a feeling of impending doom.

If a low blood sugar episode is bad enough to bring on sweating, it is hard not to panic and overreact.

I was not warned about how it would feel to have low blood sugar. But it did not take me long to learn from experience how frightening it is.

Diabetic shock simply happens. There is no advance warning. You can go months without an episode, but you need to be prepared. So do the people around you, so make sure they know what to do.

This bread for diabetes encourages you to prepare ahead of time so that when diabetic shock hits you are ready. It is bound to happen to you.

I have found sugar lows are not as scary when you know what to do.

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October 23

"What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly."(Richard Bach)

Losing perspective is a common problem for all of us who live with a chronic condition. There is no getting away from type 2 diabetes.

So the bread for diabetes today reminds me that this disease is not a burden we carry. It is just the rocks in the road. We watch out for them, and if they make us stumble, we get back up.

Our true journey is about living out the greatest commandment: loving our God and our neighbor.

Staring at the rocks in the road makes us miss what really matters. We have to lift up our eyes.

This caterpillar life is going to end one day, and we will meet as butterflies, finally free.

"It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He appears we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is." (I John)

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October 21

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life." When I heard that saying many years ago, it seemed wise and full of hope.

But not anymore. Right now "the rest of your life" feels more like a life sentence. Because diabetes has no cure right now, blood glucose checks and restricted diets stretch ahead as far as the eye can see.

If bread for diabetes is good, it is because it is honest and encouraging at the same time. So here it is.

Live today as if it is the only day, because it is. There is nothing to decide about yesterday.

This is the only day to make choices. Tomorrow does not exist. I only have to decide things today.

Today's bread reminds me of what matters most. Am I sharing my gift with the people in my life?

Fighting type 2 diabetes is not a reason for living, but it is part of life. So watch your blood sugar today. Choose to stay active today. Love your neighbor - today.  This is bread for diabetes.

"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries of its own." (Matthew 6:34)

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October 19

We cannot drive with our eyes on the rear view mirror all the time. Today's bread for diabetes encourages us to stop looking behind so much.

The memory of old mistakes drags us down, making it harder to face daily tasks with diabetes. Changing old habits is hard enough without being chained to the past.

What is more, good things could happen in front of us but we we miss them because we are looking behind.

You cannot change your past, but you can start now and change your future. The diabetic bread of hope lies in looking forward. Regret belongs to yesterday.

Today is called the present because it is a gift, a chance to be kinder, more loving, more giving, and more grateful.

It is also a chance to take better care of our bodies, a chance to see why we are still here, and a chance to fulfill our purpose. Because God is not finished with us yet.

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October 17

When I learn something new, it widens my vision and wakes me up to a fresh world full of things to do. I offer this bread for diabetes to you.

A chronic condition like type 2 diabetes can close you in, make you feel fenced away from "normal" people who do not have to worry about blood sugar levels and glucose checks.

To break down the fence, learn stories of people who live with a disability. So many are worse off than we are.

I watched a video of a teen girl who was born without eyes. She also has a hole in her face where her nose should be.

Walking along with her white cane and a big smile, she makes me think. How can people with such awful problems be happy? Learning about them is life changing.

There are other ways to widen your vision. College classes are free for people over 65 in some states. Stores like Michael's  have classes in all kinds of crafts. Places like Home Depot have do-it-yourself classes.

There are dance classes and aerobics classes and Zumba and community choirs. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Learning is great bread for diabetes because it stops the tunnel vision that happens when we live with a chronic disease.

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October 16

It is way to easy for us as diabetics to become obsessed with food. I need encouragement today about obsessing.

A person who has never been obese may not understand the guilt we feel while we eat. Having type 2 diabetes makes this worse.

The desire to eat the "right" things is reinforced by doctors, media and our health obsessed society. It is refueled every day by the billion-dollar industry that feeds on our need and our fears.

So let's stop for a minute.

The most important choice we make today is not what to eat or whether to exercise. We can choose to enjoy this day, choose to enjoy the people around us. We can even choose to enjoy food.

The word "enjoy" ends with joy. Joy comes from seeing how much we are loved and how much love we have to give. We can let it flow and live on this bread for diabetes - joy.

If we do that, taking care of diabetes will not lead to obsession.

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October 15

My bread for diabetes today is about orthorexia.

This is a new word doctors have come up with to explain why some diabetics starve themselves when they obsess about eating right.

The desire to eat only what is "good for you" is where the obsession begins. How can you tell if you are orthorexic?

Answer this question. Do you care more about the feeling of virtue you get from eating right than from food itself?

I watch my mother today, the woman who raised us on weight loss diets, one after another. I see how the sense of virtue about eating right has replaced her joy.

The simple enjoyment of eating is something she does not feel.  It is odd because in our extended family, food has always been connected to celebrations. I see now  that she never joined the feast.

To me, enjoying food is part of enjoying life. Eating food did not make me obese. Eating disorders did.

My bread for diabetes today is this. The secret to being satisfied by your diabetic diet is to enjoy it. While you are eating, enjoy your food. Eat in the company of others who share your joy.

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October 14

There is great power in serving others to keep us from being discouraged. I do not mean trying to please people or becoming a slave to their needs.

It is about looking at what they are going through with a desire to understand and a heart to help in a way that only I can.

To become great by serving seems upside down, but it is true. Jesus said, "Whoever wants to be the greatest among you will be the servant of all."

A chronic disease like diabetes can lead to a fight with self pity, but looking out instead of in will defeat it.

This bread for diabetes encourages the exercise of your unique gift in the service of people around you. It will lead you to immense joy.

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October 13

You do not have to accept foot pain for the rest of your life.

I suffered that pain for many years, so I know you do not have to live with numbness and pain in your feet from diabetes.

Paresthesias that lead to pain in over sensitive feet are the biggest complaint for diabetics, but there is plenty you can do.

Bread for diabetes today starts with diabetic shoes. You need the extras that come with shoes made for your feet.

Second, get your blood sugar into a good range, a hemoglobin A1C of 7 or less. This means your average blood sugar is under 150.

Third, put lotion on your feet every day. It can be capsaicin or any intensive therapy lotion you want to use.

Cracked, dry skin is a feeding ground for fungus, and it makes blisters and sore spots easy to get.

Now, move! Walk, bike, dance, swim, use an exercise machine. When you move your feet and legs, blood flows and nerves heal.

I believe this will work for you like it has for me.

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October 11

Courage does not always roar and shake the earth. Sometimes courage is a small voice that whispers, "I will not give up. I will try again."

So often we fail to meet our goals.  Type 2 diabetes is a disease that is made better by better choices, but I have days when the bad choices outnumber the good.

Sometimes too much is happening that I cannot control. Some days I simply slip the leash or fall off the wagon, whatever you want to call it. I let go.

Has that happened to you? This bread for diabetes will help us on bad days.

There is no way to go back and live them over, but it does not matter. If we wake up tomorrow morning it is because we are not finished.

We will have another chance. So tonight I say a prayer of thanks for the good things and ask God to help us have the courage to try again tomorrow.

Today's diabetic bread is given with the hope that you and I will not give up.

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October 10

Do not try to handle diabetes alone.

You have other problems besides type 2 diabetes, other things that bring on stress, other secrets that you carry.

If you do not cry out for help, a chronic condition like diabetes will become too much very fast. Those who have pulled away from family and have not found a "family" to replace them may have a harder time with this.

When family is not an option, a gold mind of faithful friends waits inside prayer circles and churches.

Even doctors and nurses can help by pointing you to diabetes support groups. They are full of people who understand because they are also diabetic.

Exercise partners and weight loss buddies are not just a good idea. They will be there on the days when we are weak. They will have bad days too, days when we can help them.

We were not meant to do this alone. We need each other. That is the bread for diabetes today.

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October 9

"Sometimes it is the smallest decisions that change your life forever."

Looking back at my decisions, I am amazed. Some of them did not seem important at the time, but they brought me here.

Choosing to write about diabetes has changed my life in ways I never expected. That is why I am certain of this one thing.

When creative ideas come to you, do not push them aside. It does not matter how small they may seem. Do not let type 2 diabetes keep you from trying new things.

Make something that did not exist before you created it, and you have shared your gift. Or you could share your experience. Write it down. Talk to children, talk to other adults.

Tell them your story. Let them tell you theirs. Every one of us has treasures hidden inside.

This bread for diabetes encourages you to share yourself and your gift. That small decision will change you.

October 8

Self pity is a dangerous companion for a type 2 diabetic. How do we fight this sneaky, slimy enemy?

By deciding where to look. Self pity uses tunnel vision to keep my eyes on the "why me?"

I have found the fastest way out of self pity is to look outward, to look for things to be thankful for.

For example, there are things you own that others only dream of having. There are things you do not have that others would give anything to be rid of.

Looking outward shows you that type 2 diabetes is a circumstance. You are not shaped by circumstances but by decisions.

I hope this bread for diabetes helps you as you fight self pity today.

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October 7

It is never too late. That is bread for diabetes we need now.

After hearing that I had type 2 diabetes at 49, it took me 12 years to decide to go ahead and live.

Do you think you are too old to change? That will never be true. As long as you are still here, you can begin to change direction, go down a new path.

Not long ago I was taking five medications plus two kinds of insulin, and my weight was over 350 pounds.

To date I have lost 90 pounds and take less than half the medications.  But what is more important, I am learning new things, finding ways to use my gift.

I know it is not too late for you to decide to live. You matter too much, your gift matters too much to give up.

Depression can be defeated. Bad decisions can be reversed. If all you can do is lie in bed and love the people around you, then do it.

You have something to give. So never, never give up. That is today's bread for diabetes.

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October 6


Along with type 2 diabetes and its complications, we live with chronic daily stress.

Because of the way our bodies are made, anything that happens to cause more stress will raise our blood sugar levels.

The government, the weather, sickness, or bad news from people we care about  strips away the illusion that we are in control.

My bread for diabetes right now is this. How you deal with chronic stress matters more to your diabetes care than anything else you do.

What can you do when faced with the fact that chronic stress is making your diabetes worse?

On days like today, these thoughts help me. First, I remember to "accept the things I cannot change,"  words from the serenity prayer.

Second, I choose to "change the things I can." I can exercise and watch my blood sugar. Those are under my control because they are based on my decisions alone.

I tell myself again that it is not what happens to us that shapes who we are. It is the decisions we make.

Our decisions are the only things we have any control over. So I will exercise the power to choose.

My favorite bread for diabetes is choosing to trust God. Every time I do, He proves to me how faithful He is.

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October 4

Do you feel dizzy or shaky after you exercise? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling that something is wrong?

Those may be diabetic shock symptoms. Feeling snappy and irritable can be another warning that you need to check your blood sugar for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

You could begin to sweat and have a fast heartbeat, or you might feel a sudden strong attack of hunger.

This bread for diabetes is a warning: do not ignore the symptoms even when they are mild. If  you feel them while you are driving, do not keep going.

The worst thing you can do is to continue driving when you feel the symptoms of diabetic shock.

Check your blood sugar, and if it is below 70-80, grab your rescue snack.

Or go to the the nearest gas station and get something. But it is best to carry a travel kit that holds your monitor and snack.

I bought the biggest purse I could find so it is easy to stick my bulky travel kit inside. But since glucose monitors can be almost as small as a flash drive, you do not have to have a purse to carry it.

Never ignore low blood sugar. Every diabetic needs to be prepared for it. This bread for diabetes could save your life.

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October 3

Food was not meant to be a diabetic's enemy. God said Israel was a land "flowing with milk and honey." The book of Revelation describes a tree that gives twelve different fruits, a new kind for each month.

Food is good. Our problem is not food; it is what we have done to it. Bread for diabetes today is a reminder.

The decision to eat whole foods instead of processed meals and fast food transforms us.

Diabetics have been around far, far longer than our modern Western diet, but the explosive increase in type 2 diabetes in the last 50 years or so points to a drastic change.

It is no coincidence that during those same years there was an explosion of restaurants and ready-to-eat convenience food.

To improve our lives with diabetes we have to let go of bad habits like fast food. We have to make better choices.

This bread for diabetes is fresh, not because it is new but because it helps to remember how we got to this place.

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October 2

When you first learned you were diabetic, did you think you would have to abandon all the foods you ate at celebrations and holidays?

Cake, cookies, pies and candy bars were full of things that were off limits to diabetics. It depressed me to think that chocolate almond bars and pumpkin pie were gone for good.

Here are some facts that put comfort food back into my diet. One, dark chocolate and almonds are good for diabetics, in small amounts of  course.

Two, a few bites of dessert can be satisfying if you slow down and focus on what you can have instead of what you cannot.

To keep comfort food in your life, make it at home so you control what goes into it. Use Splenda, applesauce or pineapple juice for sweetening, and replace white flour with whole wheat or another low glycemic flour.

Make smaller portions of cookies and cupcakes to avoid the modern tendency to supersize.

You do not have to eat celery while everyone else is feasting. That is good bread for diabetes to carry into the holiday season.

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October 1

We need long-term goals that have nothing to do with diabetes.

Have something in your life that has the power to pull you off the diabetic regret merry-go-round.

The real secret of living with type 2 diabetes is forcing it to take second place. I do not mean neglecting it. But it must not be the center of your life.

It is too easy to fall asleep thinking about diabetic mistakes. If my last thoughts at night are full of gratitude and hope, I am not as likely to wake up with the burden of yesterday's mistakes.

My bread for diabetes today is something I need to remember. I should put it on a note and stick it on the bathroom mirror. Good idea.

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September 30

It is possible to make great progress in weight loss and then hit a wall. I know because it has happened to me. With no forward progress to show on my weight loss page, I feel like a fraud.

But this is a new day, a new chance, so here is the bread for diabetes I am eating today. I share it with you in case you want some.

You are alive. You are stronger than you were. You have not gained back the weight you struggled to lose.

What is more important, you are learning to love the people around you no matter how you feel at the moment, refusing to be a grump on bad days.

Remember, God has only asked two things of you. Love Him and love the people He put in your life. Diabetes is the rocks in the road you walk on, not the goal and certainly not a burden to carry.

You are loved, so love back.

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September 29

  • "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Einstein

We cannot get past the fact that type 2 diabetes crept up on us while we were eating things that were not good for us. So it is time to change the way we eat, to use this bread for diabetes.

Trading our Western diet for a more Mediterranean style may be a dramatic change, but it can turn type 2 diabetes around.

However, you need to do what works for you. No food is banned for diabetics. But some things are better for you than others, and some make your life with diabetes easier.

By the way, if you were eating healthy and keeping your weight down but found yourself a diabetic, you may be misdiagnosed. You may have adult onset type 1 diabetes. Find out.

Here is a tasty avocado dip:

Start with 1-1/2 cups of plain yogurt.

Dice up an avocado after you peel it and take out the seed. Chop up half a cucumber and add 2 tablespoons of finely chopped fresh dill.

Add one clove of freshly chopped garlic (about a teaspoon). Sprinkle in a little salt and some pepper if you like.

Stir it all together, cover it tightly and put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours so the flavors blend.

Use it with your low glycemic vegetables for a tasty snack. It makes eight servings of 65 calories each.

Now that is good bread for diabetes.

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September 27


The secret to being satisfied by what you eat is to stop thinking about how this food is good for you. Instead, think about how much you enjoy what you are eating. Higher satisfaction leads to staying out of the hunger zone longer.

As weird as it sounds, feeling satisfied has more to do with thought than size of portions. So watch how you think while you eat and you will feel full and happy for hours.

This explains why eating in front of the TV is a bad idea. We are hardly aware of our food and tend to eat more, or at least want more because we are not satisfied.

Try this bread for diabetes. See if it works for you.

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September 26

For the first ten years of my type 2 diabetic journey I wasted time in self pity, sliding in and out of depression. What did anything matter if I was going to die from diabetes just like my father?

Looking back I can see that all of the complications I have had since then were the result of not coming to grips with the disease, not using the advice I was given to change my eating habits and start exercising.

Now that these are a part of my life, I have watched the complications slow down. Some have even disappeared. My medication list is shorter, the dosages are smaller, including the amount of insulin I take.

Here is today's bread for diabetes. You cannot fix the mistakes you made yesterday or choose what you will do tomorrow. But you have today to choose to do the things that will keep that pesky blood sugar low.

  • "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

Do you like trail mix?

Here is a diabetic recipe. Dump it all together and shake well.

1 cup dry roasted peanuts without salt

1 cup roasted almonds without salt

1 cup roasted pumpkin and/or sunflower seeds

2 ounces unsweetened grated coconut

1/2 cup raisins, dried cranberries or dried apricots

Consider adding some flax seeds, which are super high in fiber. At Walmart you can find them in the pharmacy section with the vitamins. The more fiber you add, the lower the net carbohydrate count.

Use small zip bags and measure the trail mix out by one/quarter cups for a 130 calorie snack (that's without the flax seeds).

It is not exactly bread for diabetes but it is great when you have the "munchies."

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September 25

To lower your stress over dealing with your disease, it helps to remember that your life is not diabetes but your relationships.

The author of Alice in Wonderland said, "One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others."

If you are going to keep diabetes from being your life, it will not be by ignoring it but by accepting the boundaries it places on you so you can move on to what really matters to you.

This is the bread for diabetes I am eating today.

A tip for making cookies diabetes friendly:

Use Splenda or Stevia for half of the sugar in the recipe. Then use a whole wheat flour instead of white.

You could add a little more baking powder to make the cookies rise well. If the batter is too stiff, a few tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce can help.

Resist the temptation to make those giant size cookies. Make them small and you can eat more of them.

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September 24

“Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.” Aldous Huxley

No matter what genetics and family history you were born with, no matter how old you are, you can do something to fight the complications of diabetes.

Advice on a healthy diet, weight loss, and ways to make exercise a habit will help. But it is the changes you choose to make that will shape your journey with diabetes.

Once you have decided to change, you might find that fighting diabetes has led you onto a new path full of unexpected opportunities. That is encouraging bread for diabetes.

A good recipe:

Do you like fruit dip? Here is a diabetic dip that tastes a whole lot like cheesecake.

Start with 8 ounces of light cream cheese. Stir it together with a 6-ounce container of Greek strawberry yogurt.

Mix in a teaspoon of vanilla. Then spoon some over berries, apple slices or strawberries. 

Two tablespoons equals 44 calories.

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