A Diabetes Cure Is Here Now For Type 2 Diabetics

Did you go looking for the diabetes cure? I did, as soon as I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. There had to be something. All I needed to do was find it.

Go looking for offers of cures and you will find them. On web site after web site there are claims of a natural diabetes cure.

Sure, the diabetic cures were expensive, but they promised your money back if you were not satisfied.

It sounded good to me. What did I have to lose? So I tried some of the cures, but they did not work. The money back promise was not kept either.

Since then I have found some natural herbal supplements for diabetic symptoms. They don't claim to cure type 2 diabetes, but they can help.

Here are some that worked in clinical tests.

A Diabetes Cure Is Coming

I believe a cure will be found for every kind of diabetes. Researchers are working on an artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetics, and they can implant beta cells to replace damaged ones. There is also stem cell research.

Learn more about what is going on with stem cells right now.
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But while we wait, there is proof that over half of type 2 diabetics can see their disease reversed by two things - exercise and diet.

So a type 2 diabetes cure today simply means the reversal of diabetic symptoms, getting off diabetic medications and having a normal hemoglobin A1C.

The great thing about exercise and diet is they cost nothing. Well, not quite nothing. There are decisions to make, like climbing out of depression.

I was depressed for years after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It kept me from dealing with what it meant to be diabetic.

Looking back, I didn't see what depression was doing. Many diabetics have the same problem.

Depression is is high among diabetics because type 1 and 2 diabetes are chronic conditions with serious complications.

After rejecting depression, I began to see real hope in the exercise and diet type 2 diabetes cure. Of course it does require choosing every day to keep hoping and doing what has to be done.

Only you and I can make that kind of committment. It cannot be done for us.

Which Exercise Is Best?

The kind of exercise that is good for a diabetic is exercise you will do. It has to be something you can commit to every day for the rest of your life.

Walking is great, and so are biking, swimming and dance aerobics. What you do doesn't have to be strenuous but it has to be done daily to reverse the diabetic symptoms.

In addition, strength and weight training have been proven to lower blood sugar levels. They will change your body, replacing fat with muscle to end insulin resistance.

Why talk about exercise first before diet? The earliest doctor to describe the wasting disease of diabetes wrote that it was linked to being sedentary. That was over a thousand years ago.

So the sooner you change from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, the sooner you might say good-bye to type 2 diabetes.

It's not a good idea to start any exercise without talking to a doctor first. Doctors say that 20-30 minutes a day of moderate exercise gets results, so that's a good place to start.

One secret to effective exercise is not to do only one kind. Strength training added to some aerobics and yoga or Pilates will give you greater results.

The Secret to Success ~ Don't Quit

Whether type 2 diabetes was caused by genetics or bad choices, exercise will help you. Gaining muscle is a fundamental change in your body, and the hormones in your pancreas will respond in a positive way.

Exercise will have to be consistent. That means choosing things you will do every day, maybe several times a day. You may have to start slowly and work your way up to getting on your feet. It does not matter as long as you start.

You do not have to spend money on exercise equipment either. A chair can be the only equipment you need.

Or you could use the bottom step of a stair. It becomes your own Stair-Master, but cheaper. Just going up and down stairs is exercise.

You can lift water bottles or soup cans along with deep breathing. Things like that are strength training but without special equipment. If you need a place to walk, the neighborhood or the mall will work.

Remember, the secret to success is to keep doing it. If you want the diabetes cure badly enough to change, if you are tired of diabetic symptoms like neuropathy, and if you want to get off of type 2 diabetes medications, this is the price.

Getting Ready

Because of type 2 diabetes, you can't start exercising without thinking it through. Insulin dosages will need to be adjusted so you don't have hypoglycemia.

You will need to keep something with you in case your blood sugar goes too low. Exercise can stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin, and you must be prepared for a hypoglycemic attack.

Diabetic nerve pain might make you want to back down from exercise. Leg pain, foot pain, hand numbness, hip and low back pain are excuses to stop exercising. The page on nerve pain has ideas that will help.

You also need to think about your feet. Make sure you are wearing good diabetic socks and shoes for exercising. You are aiming for the diabetes cure, but you cannot ignore foot pain along the way.

What Is a Good Diet for a Diabetes Cure?

Your success with losing weight will depend on finding an eating plan you can live with. It is the same secret you use for exercise. Do not quit!

Your diabetic diet will include as many of the superfoods as you can fit in. When you understand carbohydrates and the glycemic index you will be able to make healthy choices.

Balancing your weight loss with exercise will help you avoid the eating disorders many type 2 diabetics struggle with.

Now you have exercised and eaten the good things you chose. It is time to stop thinking about curing diabetes.

You can go back to doing the things that matter the most to you. It might be writing another book or playing with the children or building lasting friendships.

Type 2 diabetes does not have to be your life. May the things you learn on the pages below help you find the diabetes cure for yourself so you can be free to do the things you were born to do.

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