Diabetic Bread for Today

Diabetic bread is here for encouragement, to help you in your daily struggle with type 2 diabetes.

Living with a chronic disease every day grows painful and discouraging.  Besides, even on your best day with type 2 diabetes, things can happen to make life difficult.

"Don't eat this. You should exercise. Don't forget your medicine. Check your blood sugar." It never ends.

All diabetics battle depression and burnout at one time or another. After many years of facing diabetes, it can become too much.

What I need most is encouragement. If you need it too, here is some fresh diabetic bread.

October 25

Life is what happens when you are doing something else. 

I heard that a long time ago but am finally realizing what it meant. I blinked and I'm 66 years old. To have lived this many years with type 2 diabetes is something that could not have happened a century ago. 

That is fuel for gratitude as we take our medications today just like we did yesterday and the day before. 

Please be faithful with your "diabetes chores." They keep you here a little longer, give you time to do a few more of the things you dreamed of. Remember that you are precious. 

October 9

It is fall and time to talk about getting sick. Before you had diabetes it was easier to shrug off colds and flu. But remember, diabetes doubles your chances for ending up in the hospital with complications from them.

So take those symptoms seriously. When you feel sick, call your doctor and ask what you should do. Know how much medication to take if you have nausea and cannot eat.

Drink plenty of liquids and check your blood sugars more often than usual. Do not expect to bounce back as fast as you used to. Take time to rest up even if you do not have a fever anymore.

Getting back to your usual routine too fast leads to relapse. It is a fact that diabetes makes it harder to shake off illness.

Take care of yourself. You have too much value to ignore your needs.

July 9

When type 2 diabetes came into my life 15 years ago I saw it as a death sentence.

A fighter would have loved the challenge, changing her diet and adding in activity. I did not.

My diabetic bread for today encourages you to fight. The fact that you have type 2 diabetes does not have to be the last word in your life. You can make a few changes in your lifestyle that will make living with this chronic condition easier.

The benefits in your health from those changes do not stop at fighting diabetes. Everything in your life improves when you eat a more healthy diet. You will feel better because you are more active.

Even if you are not a fighter, you can do some things that will help. No matter how long you live after your diagnosis, those years can be good, even enjoyable.

Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence. It is not about whether we will die, because everyone does, It is about how we choose to live. Diabetes helps us stay aware of that truth.

"There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth." ~ Charles Dickens

June 4

I do not enjoy doctor appointments.

My blood pressure rises, making my doctor shake her head and talk about adding more medicine. I have to remind her that my home measurements are in the normal range. Doctors call the problem of higher blood pressure in their office "white coat syndrome."

Yes, it is so widespread that it has a name.

After sixty plus doctor visits over the last 15 years, I suppose I should no longer dread them, but I do.

So my diabetic bread today reminds all of us who hate doctor visits that three-month checkups and blood tests stand between us and the sneaky complications of type 2 diabetes.

I should thank my doctor for sending me to the blood lab - again. Liver and kidney complications will not sneak up on me because those blood tests will catch them early.

With diabetes, so much can happen in three months or even three days. This is why we take care of diabetic chores like going to the doctor four times a year.

If you wish you did not have to do that, maybe it helps to know you are not alone.

January 23

About one in five who were told they have type 2 diabetes might have been misdiagnosed.

The statistic is this: 20% of diagnosed type 2 diabetics actually have adult onset type 1 diabetes. That is one in five. This diabetic bread is to encourage you to find out if you are one of them.

Why is it important to you? Because insulin is the only thing that will help type 1. All of the pills given for type 2 diabetes assume you have a working pancreas.

Learn more about misdiagnosis and what you can do.

In adult onset type 1, the beta cells in your pancreas are being destroyed by your own T cells. Because it may take years for all of your beta cells to die, at first your symptoms fit type 2.

But with type 1 diabetes you need to be on insulin from the beginning, sooner rather than later. If oral medications are not helping you, talk to your doctor about this.

There are blood tests that clear things up so you can get on insulin. It could save you from serious consequences.

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November 11

This is the diabetic bread that is feeding me today. I've been discouraged, even hopeless lately. If you have felt the same, maybe this will help you too.

What we need most as we battle a chronic condition every day is hope. Do not give up your dreams.

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October 29

As we move into fall and winter, it is time to deal with things like colds and flu.  So the diabetic bread today encourages you to remember that because you have diabetes, no illness is simple.

When you get sick you have to deal with its effects on top of your diabetic condition. This complicates your blood sugar control and often puts exercise plans on hold.

Because of diabetes you may not bounce back quickly from viruses. Blood sugar may fluctuate wildly. Stomach problems make it difficult to take medications.

Do not neglect your feet this winter.

So always keep your doctor in the loop when you are sick, and ask what you should do about your medications. Take care of yourself. Do not ignore that persistent cough or take flu symptoms lightly.

I waited much too long to go to the doctor with my symptoms, so getting better is going to take longer than it should have. Please do not make my mistake.

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September 23

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."  C. S. Lewis

 Type 2 diabetes is always there even when we are doing well, and if we are not, it hangs over us like a punishing cloud. So the diabetic bread for today is this - you are not a diabetic. You are a dreamer who has diabetes.

After many years with this chronic condition it is tempting to skip blood sugar checks and exercise. You start feeling like you are too old to fight. But there is no such thing as "too old."

Getting discouraged, sometimes called burnout, results from years of living with type 2 diabetes. It is a sign that chronic stress has piled up, that we need to use some stress relief tools.

Five steps to conquer diabetic burnout.

It could also be that depression is eating away at our resolve. Holding onto new habits for eating and exercising is not easy, and guilt over mistakes is a sure road to becoming depressed.

The longer you have diabetes, the more likely that you will have bouts of depression and periods of burnout.

Please remember, no matter how old you feel, your dreams make you ageless. Set goals, dream dreams. You are not "a diabetic." You are a dreamer who has diabetes.

July 29

Sometimes the greatest stress in a diabetic's life comes from putting off things we know we should be doing.

The diabetic bread today encourages you to do that thing. For me it was getting back to exercise. It is amazing how much better I feel now that I am doing it.

Not only is exercise a great stress reliever in itself, but doing what you know will help your diabetes takes a great stress load off of you.

Stress is a huge enemy for anyone with a chronic disease like diabetes. As a type 2 diabetic you need to find ways to handle chronic stress.

So do whatever it is you have been putting off. Then notice how much better you feel today.

Here are some great ways to manage stress.

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July 7

I wish I could just skip doctor visits and blood tests. My blood pressure is always higher in the doctor's office. That shows how much it bothers me.

After fifty plus doctor visits over the last decade, I suppose I should no longer dread them.

So the diabetic bread today is to encourage you. If you hate doctor visits, just remember. Three-month checkups and blood tests stand between us and the sneaky complications of type 2 diabetes.

So thanks, doctor, for sending us for blood tests - again. Liver and kidney problems will not sneak in because you will catch them early.

A lot can happen in three months or even three days, so take care of your diabetic chores. And remember, if you wish you did not have to do them, you are not alone.

Take good care of your diabetic feet, some free advice.

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June 19

I am thankful for the word "today."

Whether yesterday is full of regret and pain or success and happiness, it is over and done. There is no way to go back and change the past. You cannot live there either.

It is also true that we cannot choose what to do tomorrow. What we have is today.

You opened our eyes this morning to a new day with no mistakes in it. So the diabetic bread right now is that this is a day for making one good decision and sticking to it.

Today is such a beautiful word, full of hope and possibilities.

The writer of the book of Hebrews said: "Encourage each other daily while it is still called today..."

I hope you  are encouraged to do today what you dreamed of on other days, what you hoped to do yesterday.

The present is a gift. Use this gift. I wish you well.

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April 27

Forgetting things is part of growing older. That is why the diabetic bread today is about Alzheimer and cognitive decline.

Gaps in memory can be the beginning of Alzheimer dementia. It is a fact that diabetes doubles our risk of developing Alzheimer's.

But there is something we can do. Studies show that video games keep older minds agile. So grab the game controller or computer mouse and try it.

It has been proven that staying active slows down cognitive decline, which is memory loss.

But you do not have to go to a gym to exercise. Every active thing you do is exercise.

All activities including gardening and cooking slow down the loss of memory. Knowing that, think of things you can do, and do them every day.

Diabetes may make your risk for cognitive decline greater, but you can slow it down.

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April 22

Low blood sugars are scary.

The instant even mild diabetic shock hits, it sends out red flags like trembling, anxiety and a pounding heartbeat.

Do not ignore the symptoms of low blood sugar. That is the diabetic bread today.

Never put off doing something about it when you feel something is wrong.

One of the worst things about growing old with diabetes is that our bodies may stop sending those red flags. So it is a blessing to be aware of low blood sugar.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, check your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is low enough to bring on sweating, do not panic and overreact.

Here's what to do for sudden sugar lows.

It is hard not to panic, because low blood sugar attacks you with no warning.

You may go months without an episode,  but be prepared so you will know exactly what to do. The people around you need to know what to do also. 

This diabetic bread encourages you to prepare ahead of time so that when diabetic shock hits you are ready.

It happens to all diabetics, but it will not be as scary when you know what to do.

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April 13

Complaining brings you down. It is harder to feel happy, and it adds to your stress.

The diabetic bread today encourages you to watch out for complaining.

When you are around people who complain, you want to add yours, too. It's a natural response.

So it can help to avoid complaining sessions. The best way to do that is to inject something happy into the conversation.

It also helps to be less judging and more mindful of other's problems. Accept what you cannot change, and remember that there are things you can change in yourself.

Don't let bad sleep add to your stress or make diabetes worse.

A gratitude list helps to short circuit complaining. But remember, too, that you need to vent your problems sometimes.

It is important to take care of yourself and watch out for stress. Sharing your load of cares and worries with a supportive friend is as good as medicine.

So is a merry heart.

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April 11

You are the only one who can do what you do.

You are the only one with the exact circle of friends you have.

You are the only one who can decide what you will do.

There is so much power in your unique abilities and choices.

It makes you important in ways you cannot see from where you stand.

This is the diabetic bread for today.

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March 31

The diabetic bread that nourishes us is about living today.

Yesterday may not have been great but it is over now. Tomorrow is not promised to us.

All you and I have is this moment.

You can make this a good day. Do exactly what you would do if it was the only day you ever lived.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "This new day is too dear with its hopes and invitations to waste a moment on the yesterdays."

So do today what you dreamed of last night, what you wish you had done yesterday. You have the gift of today.

Use it to love your God and your neighbor, and you will have nothing to regret, no matter what else happens.

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March 25

Chronic stress is your worst enemy as a diabetic. It can destroy you.

Your diabetic bread today encourages you to learn how to handle stress. Here are some quick tips.

Remember that diabetes has brought chronic stress into your life. That stress can make diabetes worse by raising blood sugar and blood pressure.

So watch your blood sugar. Keep it under control with healthy eating, exercise, medications and regular trips to the doctor.

Do not let those three-month doctor visits stress you more. Your doctor is your best defense against sneaky complications.

Find out if you have a sleep disorder and what to do about it.

Exercise is great for lowering chronic stress while it is also helping you fight type 2 diabetes.

Doing something creative can short-circuit stress. So can focusing on what you can do for others.

If you are not sleeping well, figure out why. Do not try to live with it. Diabetes and stress will bring you down if you ignore sleep problems.

Chronic stress worsens eating disorders. Learning how to manage your stress will save you from the cycle of obesity and depression that goes along with an eating disorder.

The pages on this site about managing diabetes are full of  ideas you can use. I hope this free information helps you fight the chronic stress of type 2 diabetes.

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January 27

Low blood sugars are an inevitable result of having diabetes, type 1 and type 2 especially as we age with it.

It is possible for a type 2 diabetic to be unaware of  high glucose levels for years. But the instant blood sugar dips too low there are symptoms.

The diabetic bread today is a warning not to ignore those symptoms or put off doing something about them.

Some older diabetics become less aware of low blood sugar. One of the worst things about growing old with diabetes is that our bodies may stop giving us warnings.

So if you wake up with trembling, anxiety and a pounding heartbeat in the middle of the night, be grateful.

I know that sometimes it is hard not to panic and overreact. I was not warned about how it would feel to have low blood sugar.

Know the symptoms of diabetic shock and save a life.

My first experience with diabetic shock was an eye opener. Since then I have had a hard time not overreacting to it.

Diabetic shock simply happens. There is no advance warning.

But even if the episodes are few and far between, we need to be prepared. And the people around us need to know what to do for us, what to watch for.

This diabetic bread is to encourage you. Prepare yourself and your family so that when diabetic shock hits, you are ready. Low blood sugar is going to happen.

But diabetic shock is not as frightening if you know what to do, and your life could be saved by being prepared.

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