Diabetic Education Will Change You

Diabetic education will bring you less painful neuropathy, fewer complications and more freedom. If you have this condition, you owe it to yourself to learn more about diabetes.

Learning about your disease may save your feet from sores, your emotions from depression, your organs from complications, and your wallet from the high cost of medical care.

Those are some powerful reasons to find out all you can about type 2 diabetes. But the greatest reason is that diabetic education will change you.

You Will Change What You Eat

Do you ever wonder why this happened to you or how you became a type 2 diabetic?

Learning about diabetes shows you that there are genetic problems as well as life choices that got you here.

One you can do nothing about, but the other you can. If you understand insulin resistance you will know what you can do to change.

A healthy pancreas has beta cells in little islands all through it, and these respond to signals that tell them to send out insulin.

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They do this when you eat food or when your liver releases stored sugar for exercising or during stress.

New research is showing that your pancreas can "taste" fructose, and when it does, it releases insulin. That's why it is better not to eat food laced with high fructose corn syrup.

The high sugar load of our modern Western diet keeps our pancreas in constant stress. Keep eating this way and you will wear out your pancreatic beta cells.

There is also an obesity connection. Fat stored around your organs is supposed to help regulate the reaction of insulin and sugar.

But if there are too many fat stores, they slow down your body's ability to use insulin. That is the simplest picture of insulin resistance.

As your beta cells produce more insulin to overcome the resistance, they weaken and may eventually die. Weak beta cells means slower response and higher blood sugar.

You Will Change How You Eat

The modern life encourages eating light and then having a nice big meal once a day. That means putting stress on the pancreas to take care of a day's worth of calories all at once.

If you spread those calories out through the day your beta cells will not have to work so hard, and for many of us that evens out blood sugar without having to use medications.

Add to that what you know about the Western diet. It will make you want to change how you eat.

As a borderline or prediabetic, you could be given this kind of diet first thing. You would soon bring yourself out of prediabetes.

You Will Change Your Carbohydrates

Type 2 diabetics don't have to be told that pure sugar is dangerous. But high glycemic carbohydrates act just like sugar for diabetics. That includes the flour in baked goods, bread, cereal and sugar-free desserts.

This gives us the power to control our blood sugar, often without medications, if we choose. It just takes seeing high glycemic foods as the carbohydrate bomb that blows a diabetic eating plan apart.

So choosing to eat more from the lower glycemic carbs will affect the amount of insulin your body needs for the same number of calories. That might be all it takes for blood sugar control.

You Will Change Your Mind About Exercise

Two popular pictures, one of exercising for hours and hours and the other of buying expensive equipment for quick results, can discourage you if you are thinking about starting to exercise.

The best news in diabetic education is that doing something, anything at all, for five minutes every hour is going to make a change. Of course, the longer you exercise the better.

Walk once a day or a few times a day. Add some strength training to build muscles, and it might be enough to end insulin resistance.

Strength training is the way to build muscles, and the more muscles you have the more weight you can lose with less effort. Also, muscle building raises metabolism.

Diabetic education will make you willing to change and start exercising regularly. You know that you will have to continue because starting and stopping will not give you the results you want.

Being a Diabetes Expert Will Change You

Diabetic education shows you why your diabetic chores are so important. So you use your glucose monitor for blood testing. You go to your ophthalmologist and foot doctor ever year.

You visit your diabetes doctor regularly and do the tests he recommends to watch your kidney and liver function.

These are things a type 2 diabetic must continue to do even after getting type 2 under control with diet and exercise.

You must keep monitoring diabetes with blood sugar checks. This beast can wake up without your knowledge if you do not.

Diabetic education will change your mind about diabetic eating and exercise because they hold out hope for diabetic cures for those willing to change.

Things like neuropathy and depression will not plague you as they do many long term type 2 diabetics.

Modern research studies show that if diabetics are treated for diabetes and depression at the same time, blood sugar will be immensely improved.

What does that mean? If you stay out of depression, diabetes will be easier to live with. You will exercise and take your medications. Diabetic education gives you hope.

Being your own expert will change you for the better. I know this because it has happened for me.

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