Diabetic Jewelry Can Save Your Life

Diabetic jewelry can be a dog tag, a medical alert bracelet or a beautiful gold charm. But whether you spend a little or a lot, this piece of jewelry will save your life.

Do you really need diabetic jewelry? You are already spending so much to manage diabetes.  What if you never need it?

This is the same argument used against wearing seatbelts and locking doors.

You may never need those things, but if the time comes that you do, you will bless the day you chose to use them.

Over 95% of emergency medical people say they look for medical alert jewelry, and 75% of them say they search for a bracelet or necklace first before they do anything else.

Here's another statistic that might help you make up your mind about medical ID. Half of medical errors occur on admission or discharge from a hospital.

Diabetic jewelry and other medical alert items could keep that from happening to you.

Diabetic shock, a good reason to wear diabetic jewelry.

Why Medical ID Is Important

Type 2 diabetes symptoms include hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.  One of the most troubling side effects of low blood sugar is confusion.

I know from personal experience that you do not have to be in a diabetic coma to be unable to speak for yourself clearly.

There may not be a friend or family member present to tell the hospital or emergency personnel that you are diabetic. At the moment they need to make quick decisions, your diabetic ID tag fills in the blanks for them.

Misdiagnosis In the News

There are horror stories taken from the news even today about people in diabetic shock who were treated as if they were on drugs or alcohol.

The symptoms of diabetic shock need to be diagnosed quickly to save your life.

Without diabetic jewelry you take the chance of a delay in treatment out of a misunderstanding.

Who Needs Medical ID?

If you are diabetic you should have diabetic jewelry on your neck or wrist.

If you have drug allergies or are on blood thinners, even if it is only daily aspirin, medical people need to know it.

If you are on multiple medications, emergency personnel need to know what those are before they treat you.

Keeping a list of your medications in your wallet or purse, including the dosages, will save time.

But now there is a medical alert necklace that can store everything a doctor will need to know.

It is a flash drive (or thumb drive) inside a necklace charm.  All computers have USB ports, and medical personnel rely heavily on computer information today.

They can plug in your flash drive and get your entire medical history.

Are you worried about privacy? There are ways to password protect the information, although that means someone else will need to know your password.

The flash drive is a great way to carry your medical information around with you when you have a condition like diabetes.

How Much Should You Spend?

You can spend as little or as much as you want for your diabetic jewelry.  On Amazon there is a stainless steel dog tag necklace for about $3.50. I am wearing it now.

If you want to spend more, you can go as high as you want. There are dozens of sites that sell medical ID for diabetics.

Beautifully made bracelets for women and leather bands for men are available. Some jewelry appeals to younger diabetics so they will be willing to wear medical ID.

You can get a flash drive necklace for about $20 and have it engraved, or carry it separate from your medical ID.

There are also sites that claim to offer free diabetic jewelry, but beware. The only ones I have found are simply fishing for your e-mail address or asking you to buy something else first.

Or they may claim that the jewelry is free but you have to pay shipping and handling fees. Do not fall for this tired old trick.

What Goes On a Medical Flash Drive?

There are some great flash drive charms and key chains. But what should you put on yours?

Here is a list of things that should be included on your diabetic jewelry flash drive.

  • Your name, date of birth, address, and phone number  
  • Diabetes diagnosis and other chronic conditions (high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Allergies to medication, food, latex, etc.
  • Past illnesses, injuries and surgeries
  • Drugs you are taking and doses (keep this updated)
  • Dates of hospitalizations
  • Family history that will be helpful in an emergency
  • History of drug, tobacco and alcohol use
  • Medical insurance information
  • Date of your last tetanus injection
  • Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts
  • Physician name and phone number

You can make the list in a Word document on your computer, save it on the flash drive, and then put it on a key chain, necklace or inside your wallet.

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Yes, You Need Medical Alert Jewelry

Type 2 diabetes symptoms like confusion and diabetic coma are the best reasons to get diabetic jewelry.

Identifying yourself as a diabetic right away may save your life someday. As you can see, it does not have to be expensive.

I have yet to find a legitimate website that gives away medical alert jewelry, but I will keep looking. If you know of one, I'd like to hear from you. You can use our contact page.

A diabetic bracelet is worth the cost if it removes the chance of being misdiagnosed in an emergency. I wear my medical alert necklace all the time. I hope you will too.

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