Diabetic Meals Superfoods You Can Eat to Improve Diabetes

Diabetic meals superfoods have antioxidants, vitamins and other benefits for diabetes. As snacks, spices and side dishes they make eating what is good for you easier.

Most of them are familiar but there are a few surprises.

Many of the diabetic meals superfoods are vegetables, and all of them are on the low end of the glycemic index.

That means they will help control your blood sugar, even though they are carbohydrates.

Superfood Vegetables and Fruit

The foods on this page are not the only ones that help diabetics. They are chosen because they have proven healing and other benefits for diabetics.

Every raw vegetable and fruit is good for you. Any that you add to your diabetic diet will be diabetic meals superfoods for you.

But kiwi, cherries and guava are at the top of many lists of diabetic meals superfoods. Why? Because of vitamins. Kiwis have more vitamin C than oranges and as much potassium as bananas.

They also have vitamin E, a healing vitamin that is rare in fruits.

Vitamin C boosts your immunities and is a great healer, helping you bounce back from illnesses.

Vitamin E has been proven to slow and prevent macular degeneration, putting kiwis high on a diabetic meal plan.

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Fresh cherries stimulate digestion, which is great for diabetics because of gastroparesis.

They also cleanse the liver and kidneys, and we need all the help we can get to keep them healthy. The extra load on those organs from diabetes and medications makes them a target for disease.

Want more? A large daily portion of cherries reduces the pain of arthritis and gout. If that's not enough, cherries will lower body fat, which makes it one of the diabetic meal superfoods even if that were its only benefit.

Bing and Rainier cherries are my favorites. Eat a bowl full while they are in season as a low calorie snack. They are a treat.


Guavas make the list of diabetic meal superfoods because of their high fiber, vitamin A (the eye vitamin), potassium (lowering blood pressure), and traces of copper that the thyroid needs.

Lots of diabetics are on thyroid medication, and there seems to be a link between the two, so a natural source of copper is wonderful.

Those Amazing Beans

Yes, beans are good for your heart. They have lots of healthy fiber, they lower cholesterol, and they really do help guard your heart. The leading cause of death for diabetics is heart disease.

That's why healthy recipes that include beans make sense in diets for diabetics. If the side effects bother you, try Bean-O or a probiotic like Align. Both are over the counter enzymes.

Some of the best are red, red kidney and pinto beans, and the list includes black, garbanzo and soybeans. They are so easy to add to recipes for soup or to add as side dishes. Find the recipes you like and eat some every day.

Salad Vegetables, the Green Magicians

Watercress tops the salad greens list because of the huge amounts of vitamin C, calcium and iron in them, and tryptophan which regulates appetite and helps you sleep.

The calcium in watercress matches milk, and the iron is the same as in spinach. It is sold in bundles at your local supermarket and is easy to toss into salad.

Next on the diabetic meals superfoods is spinach, mostly because of it high levels of iron, vitamins that heal the eyes, and high fiber. Fresh is best but frozen or canned spinach is still full of iron.

Onions may be a surprise addition to diabetic meal superfoods. They have chromium, which is as effective as manmade insulin. Over time chromium lowers blood glucose levels and helps with weight loss. Garlic is known to do similar things for you, but garlic and onions must be eaten raw to have these good effects.

Most people know that carrots are superfood for their eyes, and that alone puts them on a diet for diabetics. They were originally reported to be high glycemic at 90+ out of a possible 100, but later that number was dropped to 40 or so.

That made us add them back to the diabetic superfood list. Eat them raw, and the fiber alone makes them diabetic meal plan friendly.

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Red cabbage has seven times the vitamin C of oranges (shocking), and broccoli has twice the protein of steak besides being higher in C than oranges.

And they have other benefits that make them diabetic meals superfoods. Eat them raw to get the best vitamin C effects, because cooking destroys vitamin C.

Broccoli also lowers the risks of heart disease and may even reverse the damage done by high blood sugar to the blood vessels of the heart. It makes sense to eat a little every day if you can.

Water, Tea, Coffee, and Chocolate

One problem with diabetes is that it causes your metabolism to slow down. So anything that boosts your metabolism belongs on a diet for diabetics. Coffee, tea and chocolate will do that for you, and water helps as well.

But those are not their only benefits. There is proof that coffee helps prevent diabetes, and there is even a gourmet coffee that contains another superfood.

Ganoderma is found in a medicinal mushroom that has been used for many centuries.

Adding ganoderma is a powerful way to enhance the antioxidant effects of something you drink every day. Learn about ganoderma coffee by clicking on the coffee cup above. It will open a new window into that site for you.

Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidant effects, and so does black tea. Black tea also helps control blood glucose levels.

Be wary of the added sugar in these drinks when you buy them. It is better to make your own so you know exactly what you are drinking. And do not fall for the "no sugar" chocolates that are made with maltilol.

This sugar alcohol has nearly as many calories as sugar. Learn why maltilol can be called sugar free when it is not.

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity With Superfood

Fruits and vegetables with chromium increase your insulin sensitivity, and you find chromium in broccoli and grapefruit. Coffee also has something in it that improves insulin sensitivity.

A glass of wine as dessert has been shown to send insulin back to premeal levels, but the article I read said you ought not use a supersweet dessert wine. They suggested a Riesling.

Cinnamon is one of the best known diabetic meals superfoods. It has been found to increase insulin action at as little as 1 gram a day. That's half a teaspoon or two 500 mg tablets if you buy those.

Here are some supplement warnings you need to know when you use cinnamon.

Cinnamon sounds great, but it is eclipsed by vinegar which has been shown to lower blood sugar reaction after meals and to cause moderate weight loss as well.

In Canadian studies it was taken at two tablespoons before a meal, and it worked about as well as a metformin pill. And another great side effect of vinegar - it stops heartburn at that same dose. I use apple cider vinegar and add water and a sweetener to make it drinkable.

The problem with vinegar is getting past the taste, but if you use it on salad with your usual dressing, it makes your salad an even better diabetic food. They have tested pickles, and the vinegar in them works the same way.

There are more foods I haven't mentioned: eggs, salmon, avocado, sweet potatoes, to name a few. They are also diabetic meals superfoods. If you have a favorite that we should add to this list, use our contact page and we will add it too.

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It's Not Magic

None of the diabetic meals superfoods will cure diabetes for you. There is no shortcut here. Only exercise and weight loss have been proven to send type 2 diabetes into remission.

But if they help you fight the complications, lose weight and get off some of your medications, diabetic meals superfoods are worth using. Try some and see what happens. It would be wonderful if they help you get to the goals on your diabetic journey.

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