Six Diabetic Weight Loss Mistakes - Avoid Them and Lose Weight

Avoid these six diabetic weight loss mistakes and you can win the frustrating battle of trying to lose weight with type 2 diabetic dieting.

Diabetic weight loss mistakes can make your already difficult battle with obesity much harder.

But you must not get discouraged and quit. The consequences to your health and quality of life are much too high a price to pay.

Why is losing weight so hard with type 2 diabetes? In the first place insulin resistance can cause more weight gain. The result of too much free insulin is more fat deposits.

Besides this, every medication you were given to control your blood sugar adds to weight gain, and that includes insulin injections.

A Bad Diet for Losing Weight

Our Western style diet of convenience food is loaded with sugar, fat, nitrates and MSG among other things.

Everywhere it has gone the local people have seen an enormous rise in obesity and in type 2 diabetes. As type 2 diabetics are getting younger in countries like India, many think it is because of adopting our Western diet.

So trying to lose weight while eating a convenience food diet is going to frustrate a type 2 diabetic. You are already fighting insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia.

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Just like David facing Goliath, it's not about how strong your enemy is. It is about how well you pick your stones and your targets.

Remember David and his five smooth stones? Here are six stones for you, six diabetic weight loss mistakes you can avoid.

Mistake One: Not Eating Enough

There is such a thing as a 600-calorie diet, and there are people who try it. I've done it myself. It will lead you to lose weight but it has two problems.

First, you cannot get the things you need to keep you healthy at such a low level, and if you try to exercise on an extremely low calorie diet you will fail. Building muscle is impossible without calories.

The second problem is that once your body has adjusted to this diet, it will reduce your metabolism to match it.

And if you start eating more, your clever metabolism will store as much as it can in the form of fat so it can survive the next starvation diet.

Since type 2 diabetics already store fat because of insulin imbalances, you are doing the opposite of what needs to be done to reverse type 2 diabetes. This is why not eating enough is the first of the diabetic weight loss mistakes.

What do you do? Learn the best calorie range for your desired weight loss, and remember that it is not the calories you eat but the carbohydrate balance that makes for easy weight loss.

That leads to the second of the diabetic weight loss mistakes.

Mistake Two: Counting Calories and Ignoring Carbohydrates

The latest news in diet studies is that a 7-days-a week low calorie diet was beaten by a 2-days-a-week low carbohydrate diet in a trial with diabetic women.

Not only did the women on the low carb diet lose a lot more weight, they lowered their blood sugar and reduced insulin resistance. This is even though they were not on the diet every day.

If you are a type 2 diabetic eating a low calorie diet you will lose weight, but if you are on a low carbohydrate diet you will lose weight more easily and quickly. As a bonus you will reduce your body's need for insulin and blood sugar medications too.

So use the glycemic index to help you stay away from refined high glycemic carbohydrates, and you'll find yourself on a low carb diet without having to cut so far down on your calories. And you will lose weight.

Mistake Three: High Expectations

We are human. We may jump off the low carb wagon, or we may hit plateaus during a diet.

Diabetic weight loss mistakes include expecting too much, and it can lead to stress and depression. One week you might lose 2 pounds, and the next week not lose any weight.

The best way to diet is not to diet. Choose how you will live, what foods you will eat from now on, and see it as your new life, not as a diet you will be on until you get to a certain weight.

Type 2 diabetes requires doing things differently for the rest of our lives. We are replacing lifetime eating habits, and slip-ups will happen.

But we will change if we don't give up. Having expectations that are too high is the number one reason for giving up. Do not fall for it.

Mistake Four: Not Exercising

Trying to lose weight without exercise is going to frustrate you. It is much more difficult to continue weight loss after the first few months on a new diet. Keeping off the weight you struggled so hard to lose will be impossible without adding exercise.

How often and how long should you exercise? That depends on you. If you are trying to lose weight, exercise needs to be part of every day. Leaving out exercise is one of the worst diabetic weight loss mistakes you can make.

After you've increased your exercise time to a good hour you will see steady results. That's because you are building muscle, and muscle burns calories and uses free insulin.

That hour does not have to be all in one chunk. Two or three times a day will add up. However, the more time you commit to being active, the better you will do.

Participants on the Biggest Loser TV show are exercising all day long. They are also on a healthy weight loss diet, but it is the exercise that does the job. So get active every way you can.

Mistake Five: Eating While Doing Other Things

If you watch TV while you are eating, you have fallen into one of the common diabetic weight loss mistakes, and it will lead you to failure.

Unconscious eating keeps you from being aware of what or how much you eat. You will not know when you are full either.

This habit often occurs at night during or after supper when you are relaxing. The best advice for those of us who have the habit of unconscious eating is to serve food and sit at the table to eat it.

We can't allow ourselves to eat in front of the TV or at a computer or while reading a book. The serve and sit rule will change many bad eating habits if you will make yourself abide by it.

If unconscious eating is a problem this will break it. I can tell you I still struggle with this late in the evening. It is very frustrating to do well all day and then let your guard down in front of the TV.

Mistake Six: Cleaning Your Plate

Your mama said to clean your plate, but that is one of the diabetic weight loss mistakes you need to stop.

There is no need to eat everything that is on your plate. In fact, it is good to stop eating when you feel full.

How many times have you filled your plate because you felt very hungry? Halfway through the meal you realized that you were not hungry anymore.

Chances are you kept eating because it was there on your plate. We were raised to do that, but it's not a good habit now.

It's important to know when you are full so you can stop eating the moment you are no longer hungry. If you obeyed the rule of not eating in front of the TV, this will be easier.

The diet tip of using a smaller plate helps. But not finishing what is on your plate can be a good trait to have. That is especially true if you are eating out. The portions are often much too large.

On the subject of eating out, here are some good habits. Limit salad toppings and order less pasta. Don't use whipped toppings or gravies, and don't order a soda with the meal. If you get dessert make it one of those mini desserts.

Diabetic Weight Loss Will Happen For You

Trying to lose weight can be hard and heartbreaking for a type 2 diabetic, but it is possible.

But fighting against hunger pangs from high insulin levels and low blood sugar is tough enough without the added problem of sugar addiction that is promoted by our convenience food diet.

Want some advice while you are avoiding diabetic weight loss mistakes? Do the best you can today, forget yesterday, and don't worry about tomorrow.

While you are counting carbs and calories, don't forget to count your blessings too. It helps.

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