Diabetics Can Change Using These Five Steps

We type 2 diabetics can change bad habits, but it is hard. Here are five steps that will help you make changes that will transform you.

Why is this so important? When you first learned you were type 2 diabetic, if you were like me you wasted time in anger and depression.

As you came to grips with your diagnosis, you began to see the bad habits that helped make you diabetic.

But since type 2 diabetes comes on gradually, you need to change those habits gradually.

Too many changes too fast make the struggle harder, and you need good reasons to believe that diabetics can change.

Step One: Do Not Jump In Too Fast

Diabetics can change if they learn first before they begin. It is tempting to jump in and start doing things right and left before you know what you are dealing with.

Find out about type 2 diabetes, its causes and how it changes your metabolism. Learn about the medications you are taking now and what to expect from them.

Then you will understand why exercise and a healthy diet are your best weapons against the complications of diabetes.

Why exercise is the best medicine for a type 2 diabetic.

Step Two: Make Goals

Before diabetics can change they need to make goals. Behavior modification experts say you cannot make real changes if you do not set goals and plan it out.

Write down the things you would like to change, and be sure to give yourself short-term goals.

Do not say "I want to get to my perfect BMI." That is a great goal but it will take years to reach. Instead, you might say you want to lose 10 pounds in two months.

Reaching goals will keep you motivated. Once they are reached, simply make new ones. Success piled on success is a great motivator.

Step Three: Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of your progress. Diabetics can change permanently if they prove it to themselves.

It helps to make changes in your personal environment. Those changes will remind you that you are changing too. It could be pictures, walking outfits, whatever works for you.

Recruit friends because they help you monitor yourself. Do not keep the desire to change a private thing.

Step Four: Reward Yourself

Before you begin, plan how you will reward yourself. This can be a challenge if you have always used food as a reward.

But behavior modification experts agree that everyone including diabetics can change if rewards are planned when short-term goals are met.

It may be as simple as telling friends what you did and getting that positive feedback.

Or you might try putting coins or marbles into a jar every time you exercise. Things you can see make positive rewards.

Because change takes time, you need to reward success in ways that do not include looking at your mirror for something you cannot see yet.

Step Five: Ask Yourself Questions

Before you can change you need to ask why, how and when you are going to take those steps. The most important question is, "Why?"

Why do you want to exercise? Is it to lose weight? What if you hit a plateau and do not lose anything for weeks?

If you exercise because you want more energy, more focus, improved sleep and better blood sugar control, those will help you stay on track even if weight loss disappoints you sometimes.

Ask yourself how you will accomplish your goals. It goes back to planning, but the how can change as you try things. A good journal helps here.

You also need to answer the question, "When?" When will you exercise? Plan or you will not do. But be flexible about this because unexpected things happen.

Ask what you will do when your day does not go as planned.

If you do not have 30 minutes in a single block today, try two 15-minute sessions. If the weather is bad for walking, think of something else you can do.

Do not let diabetic depression pull you down.

Be Kind As You Change

Diabetics can change, but it will not happen in a day or a month. Meanwhile, bad days and slip-ups will try to pull you into depression, so be kind to yourself.

For a new activity to become a habit, it must be done consistently for weeks. That means you must not give up.

Remind yourself why you are trying to change and why it matters to you and to others - your friends and family.

The most important thing you can do any day is to love the people around you. Never forget this while you are focusing on changing.

Yes, you are a type 2 diabetic, but you can change. I hope this website helps you do it.

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