Why Diabetics Need Lemons Every Day

Diabetics need lemons and limes. Added to your diet every day, they are real medicine for diabetes.

The Power of Vitamin C

In a quarter cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice you get 46% of the minimum daily requirement of vitamin C, the powerhouse that boosts your immune system.

It is best to get your C from fresh sources because supplements have been shown to worsen arthritis in large doses.

You are not likely to overdose on C from fresh fruit.

Also, since fresh lemons and limes are whole fruits, they are full of things that help us in multiple ways.


Diabetics need lemons because they are packages of antioxidant, anti-cancer and antibiotic power.

Besides vitamin C, lemons and limes make limonin glucoside. This molecule attaches itself to sugar, which sends it through your digestion at super speed.

Then it breaks off from the sugar, leaving limonin. This cancer fighter remains active for 24 hours, a remarkable feat. Most cancer-fighting antioxidants break down in less than 6 hours.

Another amazing fact: limonin protects against polyarthritis. Studies on limonin are very recent, so our understanding of the power of lemons is just beginning.

The power of antioxidants for diabetics.

Lemon and Lime Power

Around the house lemons and limes have hundreds of uses that have nothing to do with eating them.  Those are fascinating, but diabetics need lemons and limes for other reasons.

You probably know that squeezed onto potatoes and avocadoes, lemon juice stops the oxidation process that turns them brown.

Soaking in cold water and lemon juice causes wilted greens to crisp again.

Recent news says that lime juice squeezed into cooked rice helped to stop the spread of cholera.

Beyond all of that, lemons and limes have power we can use as diabetics.

Lemon Water in the Morning

Diabetics need lemons in the form of warm lemon water every morning. Here is why.

Lemon juice stimulates digestion, which reduces the heartburn and constipation that plague diabetics.

For weight loss, the pectin in lemons is a soluble fiber that helps you lose pounds.

Lemon water can make you feel full more quickly too.

Lemon juice is an acid, but it becomes alkaline during digestion.

How is this helpful? Nutrition experts agree that maintaining an alkaline diet helps you lose weight.

By using lemon water in the morning you are balancing your pH, making weight loss easier.

Lemons also raise your citrate levels, protecting you from kidney stones.

Replace Morning Coffee?

Do you wish you did not need a dose of caffeine to start your day?

Warm lemon water first thing in the morning kick starts your digestion, kills bacteria and doses you with vitamin C and potassium along with limonin and other antioxidants.

You are feeding your body a boost that no coffee or tea is able to give.

If you want to kick the caffeine habit, this may be the way to do it.

Learn About Lemons

How do you choose fresh lemons at the market? What is the best way to make juice and zest?

How do you store them? What is the difference between lemons and limes?

The answers are here.

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