Do you know about this device?

by Gabriel DeRapp
(Prescott On Canada)

My father is working on a campaign for the "Venowave", a Canadian inventor's medical device that helps prevent amputations in diabetes. I'm spreading the news about this great device.

Note from Martha Zimmer: I checked out the Venowave. It is a portable calf compression device that helps prevent clots (called thromboses) in the legs of diabetics and others who are at risk.

It has been tested and shown to make a difference for people after surgery, a time when leg clots often form.

The Venowave uses intermittent compression on the calf muscles, which mimics the action of leg exercise.

Right now it is available in Canada.

Thank you for bringing this device to our attention, Mr. DeRapp!

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Jul 22, 2012
It works well
by: Selwyn Firth

I am very familiar with it. I was the first person to use it to heal a wound. it worked so well that I told the inventor and now he is trying to raise money for more testing.

Because it increases circulation to the foot, injuries heal better because they get the oxygen and nutrients required for cell growth. I am very convinced that it will prevent most amputations because my mother's circulation was so extremely bad that her leg had to be removed above her knee in order for the leg to heal.

I am working with the inventor to let others know about this wonderful machine.

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