Excessive Urination, Red Flag for Diabetes

Excessive urination, or polyuria, can be a red flag for diabetes, to warn you that this sneaky disease has found you.

Why is polyuria a warning sign for type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Because diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar.

As the sugar is siphoned away by your kidneys, that sugar latches onto water and takes large amounts of it along. 

So can you say going to the bathroom a lot means you have diabetes?

No, because excessive urination is a symptom of at least 250 diseases and conditions, only one of which is diabetes.

How Can You Know It Is Diabetes?

The only way to be sure is to get a fasting blood sugar test done.

Your doctor can tell you in a few seconds by a fingerstick  test if you have a high blood sugar level.

You might need further testing with a glucose tolerance test. It will give you the clearest picture of your diabetes risk.

If you are pregnant and  have polyuria, the glucose tolerance test will rule out gestational diabetes.

If a child has problems with urinating often, get the blood sugar checked to rule out type 1.

The sooner it is treated the better, and there are so few visible signs of the disease at first.

If you wake up with polyuria, get your blood sugar tested because not knowing increases stress, and stress makes diabetes worse.

What If You Just Ignore It?

The constant loss of water  through the kidneys that goes along with uncontrolled high blood sugar can lead to ketoacidosis.

That is one good reason to pay attention to excessive urination, because after ketoacidosis comes diabetic coma.

Also, the damage to your liver and kidneys from high blood sugar for many years leads to kidney failure and dialysis. Of all dialysis patients, almost half are diabetic.

The dehydration that comes with polyuria causes excessive thirst (polydipsia). Do not ignore those warning signs.

Catch Diabetes Before It Starts

A borderline diabetic, or prediabetic, is always unaware, sometimes for years. There are few clear warning symptoms.

Excessive thirst, urinating more often, and sudden weight loss can let you know you are becoming diabetic.

Catch the disease early before complications start piling up. There are things you can do to avoid becoming a diabetic.

Start by losing a few pounds. Become physically active. Eat less sugary and processed carbohydrates and stop smoking. Drink less alcohol and sugared drinks.

Those things will delay and even prevent the onset of full-blown diabetes from early insulin resistance.

Pay Attention to the Signs

If you have excessive urination, if it wakes you up at night and you are not on a diuretic (water pill), find out why.

It could be something as simple as an infection or as life-changing as a warning of diabetes. It is always better to know.

This website is here to help you. Use it to learn about diabetes and find resources.

Contact me if you have a question. I hope the best for you.

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