Loving family trying hard to cope with our dad's condition

by R. Scott
(Sherman Oaks)

My father suffers diabetes and he is really having a tough time. He is only 66 yrs old. He is unable to work because of it. He really struggles with it and has been hospitalized a few times in the last 3 years. His legs and feet go through lots of pain and he gets tired very easily. The hospital stays and the surgeries have drained them financially. My mother is now suffering from arthritis and has a bladder infection. She is 64 yrs old. This stresses our family out alot because it makes us sad because they are good people. Our family is asking the public for help so that they can get the proper care they require. They are currently in danger of losing their home since they cannot work due to their conditions. Times are very tough in the economy and everything is so expensive that it makes it very easy for people to fall victim to it. You can go here to see our verified story: http://givelocally.net/recipient.php?cid=183

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