Great Snacks For Diabetics and How to Find Them

Great snacks for diabetics are out there. Use these rules to find some you like, and you can snack happy. Do you know why you need some rules?

Because there are a million snack foods around, and most of them are not good for a type 2 diabetic.

Take chips for an example of the empty calories in a lot of snack food.

Besides their lack of food value, chips are a simple starch, which means they raise your blood sugar so fast you may as well be eating a candy bar.

Most chips are made from corn or potatoes, both of which are high glycemic.

Processed snack foods made from flour have the same problem. So crackers are not good snacks for diabetics either.

When you read the label the calorie count seems good, but this is because the serving size is small. Since most crackers are processed grain, you are back in high glycemic territory.

Besides, once you read the label for hidden sugar, you find it hidden in them.

There is another problem too. Once you start eating crackers or chips you lose track of how many you ate. Snacking from a bag or box wrecks your calorie and carbohydrate count on a diabetes diet.

But we diabetics are told it is a good idea to eat at least one snack, and the six meals a day plan is mostly snacking.

So how do you eat snacks while keeping your blood sugar and weight loss on track?

Is there such a thing as diabetic food?

Rule One, Use the Glycemic Index

If you concentrate on the low and medium glycemic foods you will find a lot of great diabetic snacks.

Know where your carbohydrate snacks fit on the glycemic index and then pick the best ones for diabetics.

You will learn that white flour is high glycemic and wheat flour is not much better. But rye flour is lower on the glycemic index.

Remember, you cannot trust labels. Read ingredients to make sure whole rye grain is first on the list, not wheat.

Rye crackers make a good snack for diabetics, especially if you eat them with some diabetic friendly fat and lean protein to slow digestion of the carbohydrate.

Rule Two, Eat Your Vegetables

All raw vegetables are great snacks for diabetics, and that includes everything in the fresh food section at the market.

This is not just about carrots and celery. You also have cucumbers, onions, bell peppers in many colors, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and jicama.

Most of the superfoods that are so good for diabetics are found here.

You know green leafy vegetables are good for you, but salad is not always diet food. Croutons and dressings raise their calorie count fast.

For fiber and vitamins, mixed greens cannot be beat, plus they are full of antioxidants and trace minerals that fight the complications of diabetes.

Rule Three, Eat Whole Fruits

Fresh fruits belong on your snack list, and the greatest ones on the glycemic index are berries.

You can make plain yogurt better with fresh strawberries or blueberries. They are also full of fiber and vitamins.

Apples and melon make good snacks because they are low glycemic.

Fruit adds sugar to your diet, yes, but eating fresh fruit adds the power of fiber, which slows the impact of glucose.

The fiber, vitamins and antioxidants have not been destroyed if you eat whole fresh fruit.

You might add some cheese for fat and protein to lessen the impact of this sugary snack on your body.

Rule Four, Use Fats

The perfect diabetic snack includes good fats like nuts, avocadoes, cheese and yogurt. Add some to raw fruit or vegetables for a snack you can feel good about.

Or make dip and have it along with some raw vegetables. Here are some easy dips you can make fast.

Use snacks to help you lose weight.

The very best nuts for diabetics are almonds because of the trace minerals we need.

This makes them a number one diabetic superfood. But read labels carefully to make sure they are not coated in chocolate or sugar.

Roasted peanuts are also a good snack. Or try this: a few walnuts eaten 30 minutes or so before a meal will help you lose weight faster.

Nuts have high antioxidant and trace mineral values with the added plus of lots of fiber.

But never snack from the package they came in. Portion them out so you do not pack on calories and wreck your weight loss plans.

Rule Five, Eat What You Like

Research shows there is a secret to being satisfied by what you eat.

Do not think about how good the snack is for you. Instead, think about how much you are enjoying it.

Your satisfaction level will soar, leaving you feeling full for much longer.

So it is very important to eat what you like. With thought and preparation you can find good snacks for diabetics that fit your taste.

The most helpful advice while you are learning to like what is good for you?

If you do not buy the things you should not eat, you will find it easier to snack on good things.

If this is impossible at your house, at least have some snacks for diabetics ready. When everybody else is eating chips and crackers, grab the things you have prepared.

What if you simply want something you know is not good for you?

Keep track of your calories and limit yourself. Fit it into your diet to make what you want to eat part of your diabetic snack plan.

Knowing how carbohydrates affect your blood sugar will help you decide to change. Plan what to cut back on to reach your type 2 diabetic goals.

When you add antioxidant rich food like grapes, berries, coffee and dark chocolate, you can have a good diabetic snack that also helps fight diabetic neuropathies.

Why This Is Not a List of Diabetic Snacks

Because you need a list that fits you, that is full of what you like.

Keep in mind that the best snacks for diabetics are ones that take longer to eat.

Eat foods in their natural state. They take longer to digest, giving you a chance to feel full.

Try not to eat one food by itself. Two or three snacks on your plate leave you feeling more satisfied.

Do not leave out comfort food. Here are some diabetic cookie recipes you might like.

Good snacks for diabetics include the things you like. So if you learn to like food that is good for you - well, good for you!

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