Weight Loss for Diabetic Women, Why It Is So Hard

Weight loss for diabetic women is an uphill battle. Understand the things that make it so difficult and you have a better chance to win.

You need to know why weight loss for diabetic women is so hard so you will not get discouraged and quit.

Most type 2 diabetics admit to a high BMI and lack of exercise.

Researchers looking at the causes for being overweight have found this universal fact. Chronic stress leads to obesity.

One: Chronic Stress

This is why stress is first on the list of reasons weight loss is such a battle for diabetic women. High levels of stress make losing weight nearly impossible.

For this reason, the way we deal with stress is the most important key to losing weight.

Why does stress make us fat? The link from stress to obesity was proven in lab rats and wild primates. Cortisol, a hormone released during stress, stimulates the desire to eat.

Also, during stress more calories are stored in fat around the abdomen. Normal stress is not bad; the problem is chronic stress.

Add type 2 diabetes to the other things you deal with every day, and your stress load can go through the roof.

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The fact is, if you have chronic stress you will gain weight. So weight loss for diabetic women cannot succeed until you stop the stress cycle.

What can you do the moment you feel stress rising? Breathe deeply ten times, focusing only on your breathing.

Or stop what you are doing and meditate for ten minutes. Take a walk outside.

If you cannot do those things, simply tense and release individual sets of muscles starting at your neck and working down to your feet.

Hold the tension, count to ten, then relax. These isometric exercises can be done anywhere.

Any kind of exercise will lower stress. It will keep you from the stress eating that makes losing weight so difficult for women.

Two: Sleep Loss

Stress and diabetes will steal your sleep. Go to bed with stress and you will lie awake going over and over the mistakes and worries of the day.

Lack of sleep leads to overeating. That is one of the reasons sleep dysfunction worsens diabetes.

Do you want to improve your sleep? Here are some things you can do.

Once you are sleeping better, weight loss for diabetic women becomes easier. Use the ideas on the sleep dysfunction page, get some sleep, and you will lose weight more easily.

Three: Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism is common in type 2 diabetics, and in women more than men. A diabetic woman in menopause is even more likely to have thyroid issues.

This contributes to putting on pounds, adding to the struggle of weight loss for diabetic women. But do not assume this is what is wrong with you.

Get blood tests done and let your doctors diagnose it. You may have another hormone imbalance. But if it is your thyroid, treatment will make it easier to lose weight.

Four: Higher BMI

Another reason weight loss for diabetic women is harder than in men is our BMI. Women have a higher fat to muscle ratio, or BMI, than men. We also have a lower resting metabolic rate.

This means that a man and woman can do the same exercise for the same amount of time, and the woman will burn fewer calories.

Women also hold on to fat stores better than men. These things explain why we should not stress out when weight loss happens more slowly than we hoped.

There are things you can do if you know what you are fighting against. First of all, do not let yourself stress over your goals. Second, do things to fire up your metabolism.

Smaller, more frequent meals and snacks will keep your metabolism going. This works better for weight loss than one or two meals a day even if the calories are the same.

Working out with weights and doing strength training builds muscle. If you add 5 pounds of muscle, you can lose 25 pounds in a year just from that.

Five: Hormones

Because we are women, our hormone levels are a rollercoaster. One of the best ways to overcome hormone level changes is a brisk walk.

Walking for exercise levels out hormones and keeps you on the weight loss path. The benefits of walking do not end there, though.

Walking lowers stress and promotes weight loss for diabetic women. It is slow, yes, but steady weight loss is better for you in the long run.

Your hormones do not have to rule you. This kind of understanding will lower your stress and keep you from giving up.

Six: Cravings

Cravings plague women more than men. Weight loss for diabetic women is harder because we tend to eat for comfort or when we are sad or depressed.

This is why the habit of stress eating is higher among women than men. What can you do about this?

First, do not let taking care of chores and people keep you from taking time to look at yourself.

Putting your needs last seems like a kindness but is it really a way of hiding from problems.

Second, instead of eating when emotions threaten to drown you, stop and let yourself feel them. Recognize those feelings.

Experience the frustration or fear or whatever it is that makes you want to eat. Admit it. Think about it.

This is a kind of meditation we need to force ourselves to do if we have the habit of stress eating.

It takes more effort than grabbing food, but this will short circuit cravings.

Seven: Comparing

There is great danger in comparing yourself with others. Unrealistic images and stories do not lead to weight loss for diabetic women. What they do is make you want to give up.

You cannot beat yourself up when you do not see the changes you hoped for. Change takes time.

Have you slipped up, fallen off the wagon, tripped over a food landmine, or gotten frustrated and quit?

Stop for a minute. Remember why you began this journey. It was not to become someone else or to please someone else.

Comparing will heap stress onto stress, and weight gain follows as surely as night follows day.

The Secret

What is the best way to defeat stress? The secret lies in compassion.

When you open your heart to others and help them, levels of chronic stress lower. There is a response in blood cortisol levels from this that can be measured.

So it is not just spiritually better to give than to receive; it is also better for you physically. Compassion conquers stress.

  • “Now abide faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.” Saint Paul

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