Tell Your Diabetes Story

Your diabetes story has a purpose. It can encourage and motivate. You have an open invitation to share it here.

You will get a page of your own on this website and a chance to reach thousands of readers. You can tell them how diabetes changed your life.

Sharing your story is a powerful way to help others who are struggling. You can show them they are not alone.

Help them see the importance of a friend on this journey. Or warn them about spending money for something that did not work.

Show us how you defeated depression or lowered your stress.

Do you think your story is not good enough, not interesting enough? You are wrong.

Your story is treasure, because it is yours. No one sees diabetes the way you do.

Many things about diabetes are universal: the struggles with a chronic disease, the complications you face.

But your experience is unique. How did you find out you were diabetic. What happened then?

The story of your personal struggles and failures can have immense impact. Why?

Because we love knowing that others have been where we are. It helps us cope with our diabetes when you share how you faced yours.

The power in personal stories comes from honesty, so you can be anonymous if it would make you more comfortable. Let us know and we will publish your journey with diabetes without sharing your name.

The power in publishing your story is not only that you are helping someone else. You will reap benefits in your own journey with diabetes.

The principle of casting your bread on the water is that it will come back to you multiplied.

If you trust us with the gift of your story, you will receive your own page on A Diabetic Life. You can upload a picture to post with your article as well.

After your diabetes story is published, tell your friends. They can leave comments and rate your page with stars if they wish.

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You Do Have a Story

Are you a type 2 diabetic? Did depression ever affect you? If so, you are not alone. Your story might encourage us or give us a chance to encourage you.

Where did you go for help? Can you warn us about some things that did not work as promised?

Here are some things others have said.

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